2006 Conference
The International Metal Decorators Association annual conference will be held May 18th and 19th at the Holiday Inn, Willowbrook, Illinois.

Speakers include:

Day 1: May 18th

Keynote Speaker:
Scott C. Biondich, Global Packaging Manager, Coca-Cola
"Shaped Aluminum Bottles;
The Right Choice for Coca-Cola’s Latest Packaging Platform"

Coca-Cola first launched their M5 shaped aluminum bottles in top clubs and discos last summer. The bottle has received rave reviews for its innovative design and graphics. Then in January of this year, they launched their latest innovative beverage, Coca-Cola BlāK, using this same packaging platform. Coca-Cola BlāK is the perfectly balanced fusion of the Coke we love and the true essence of coffee. Learn how the aluminum bottle experience was developed for Project CLUB, why the package was chosen for Coca-Cola BlāK, and what is to come.

Tom Sundza, Executive Editor, Packaging Magazine
"Predicting Metal Pricing and Energy Costs for the future"

Executive Editor, Purchasing magazine. Stundza is the magazine's chief industrial commodities analyst, and coordinates coverage of supply, demand, delivery leadtimes, and prices of such industrial commodity materials as metals, chemicals and plastics, wood and paper products. He coordinates Purchasing's Transaction Pricing Service, which charts monthly commodity pricing trends used by buyers, analysts and government agencies. Stundza is the author of the Steel Flash Report, a monthly online update on the steel market and pricing trends that is published on www.purchasing.com and has become the standard price-transparency resource for government and industry. He helps coordinate Price Alert!, a weekly online newsletter of short-term marketplace activities, commodity forecasts and purchasing strategies. Stundza also is the writer and narrator of MetalsWatch! and others in a regularly produced series of business audiotapes.

Lyle Small, Chromatic Technologies, Inc.
"Specialty Inks and Coatings"

Mr. Small began his career in research in 1989 working for a composite materials company developing seamless fuselages for aircraft as well as several material science and biotechnology companies as a researcher. He received a degree in BioEngineering from Cornell University in 1993. During his undergraduate years Mr. Small researched thermochromic and Photochromic materials and their behaviors. In 1993, Mr. Small started Chromatic Technologies, Inc. where he currently serves as President. He developed several ink systems surrounding these materials and filed two patents on thermochromic and photochromic inks for high-speed printing. Since then Mr. Small has invented several more ink systems in the areas of special effect inks and coatings for screen, metal deco, flexo, and offset in both conventional and UV systems. He was an inventor on all four patents that CTI now holds. In addition to thermochromic and photochromic materials CTI’s product line includes other effect colorants such as; Glow-in-the-Dark, fluorescent, liquid crystals, metallic, Upconversion Phosphors, and raman-active compounds. CTI sells its products in over 40 countries around the world and has six different ink systems that are unique to CTI. Mr. Small continues to develop new products in this area for many companies in addition to continuing to enhance and expand CTI’s product line. CTI’s manufacturing facility is in Colorado Springs.

Steve Gilliland, President and CEO, Performance Plus Professional Development, Inc.,

Since the turn of the century, Steve Gilliland has become one of the most sought-after speakers in America. His background includes Major League Baseball, broadcasting, and eleven years of corporate management on three different levels. Steve has experienced what others merely talk about.

He is the President and CEO of Performance Plus Professional Development, Inc., a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based company recognized by the Pittsburgh Business Times as one of the top training companies in Western Pennsylvania. His recent audience includes the United States Marine Corps, Glaxo SmithKline, General Motors, CBS, Hilton Hotels, and was the keynote speaker at the 2003 Aerospace Conference in Orlando, Florida. He is a member of the International Speakers Network, the American Society of
Training and Development, and the National Speakers Association, where he holds the designation of Certified Speaking Professional. He was also recognized by Who's Who for Speakers and Business Professionals.

Steve is the author of 10 books, including Enjoy The Ride and Creaming The Crop, and has appeared on radio and television across the nation. He speaks to more than 250,000 people annually and influences the lives of millions through his seminars, books, and CD's.

Whether he is kicking off an event, training all day, or closing a convention, Steve Gilliland is not only a speaker who challenges people to change, he motivates them to do so. His audiences and clients are a who's who list in American business and not-for-profit organizations.

Flat Sheet Breakout Session
Moderated by
Ted Nevins
, BWAY Corp.


Jack Knight
, INX International Ink Company

Detlef Blumenstetter, Billhöfer Maschinenfabrik
“Film Laminating on Metal Sheets”

Company: Billhöfer Maschinenfabrik
2004 – Vice President Sales – Responsible for sales of complete product program like:
- Metal Decorating Machines:
Metal sheet coating lines, Metal sheet Laminating lines
- Finishing machines for Print Finishing Industry:
Coating, Laminating, Calendering
- Compound Laminating for versatile use
1999 – 2003 Sales Engineer for Metal Decorating Machines

Company: Bauer + Kunzi
1997 – 1998 Sales Engineer for Multi-Colour Printing machines

Company: Wegro - Grafische Maschinen
1994 – 1996 Design Engineer for Multi-Colour Printing Machines

Company: GMN - Nürnberg
1992 – 1993 Sales Engineer for technology for semiconductor wafer production

University of applied sciences
– 1992 Degree of mechanical engineer

Jim Crawford, Enovation Graphics
“Aluminum Plates”

Jim Crawford is the Group Manager, Consumable Products at Enovation Graphic Systems, Inc. (a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Photo Film Inc.), and has been with Enovation/Fujifilm for 15 years; the last 10 in Product Management. Industry experience in offset printing totals 20 years, with additional experience in paper and packaging.

Jim Lloyd, Watson Standard
“Raw Material Market Dynamics”

Jim Lloyd has spent 21 years in the plastics and resin industry where he began in production and worked into sales. Jim has sold for various color concentrate and resin companies before joining Watson Standard Company in 2003 as Market Development Director. He was promoted to Vice President, Sales and Marketing the following year.

During his career Jim has managed sales forces, established a manufacturing representative firm, and built sales teams to call on OEM accounts. His knowledge of the market dynamics of the resin industry gives him insight in to the raw material price increase challenges we all have been experiencing over the last three years. Jim holds a BA in Finance and Economics from Wichita State University, Wichita Kansas. He is married and has 4 children.

Richard W. Stowe, Fusion UV Systems, Inc.
“Design and Control of UV Curing Systems Through Radiometry”

Mr. Stowe is Director, Technical Communications for Fusion UV Systems. He has over 25 years of substantial experience with the design and engineering of UV curing systems, custom-designed UV curing equipment for various commercial and industrial processes, and the development of new applications of UV curing systems.

He is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA), and is founder and co-chair of the UV Measurements Group of RadTech International North America.

Mr. Stowe has a BS in Physics from the American University, with graduate studies in Electrical Engineering at George Washington University. He has published more than 150 technical papers and articles, and has several patents in UV energy sensing, electronics, radiometry, and UV curing.

Herwig Lutz, Bauer & Kunzi
“High quality colour control in metal decorating”

2004 Director Sales and Marketing
Metal Decorating
1999 Export Manager
Metal Decorating
1992 – 1999 Area Sales Manager
European countries, Prepress and Printing machines
Dr. Hell  
1987 – 1992 Area Sales Manager
Far East countries, Prepress Systems
1987 Engineer of applied printing technologies
1980 Education in Graphic Arts (Lithografy and Reproduction)

Two-Piece Breakout Session
moderated by Joe Finan, Genesis Innovation, USA

Phil Hall, Managing Director, Troika Systems, UK
“Quality Assurance from Film through Plate to Print Using a 3D Dot Analyzer”

FlexoCAM is a Flexo plate, film or mask and print analytical tool giving the ability to record and archive dot parameters including dot profiling and 3D viewing, used to optimize prepress and press operations, including RIP calibration and press control. AniCAM is a similar tool used to measure cell width and dept on Anilox rolls for wear or damage. AniCAM has the additional capability to record the volume of the cells using the dot profiling method and 3D viewing function.

In 1979, Phil Hall began his career in the industry as an international support technician at Crosfield Electronics Limited, London England after have completing his technical education and career during a 12 year period with the Royal Air Force.
In 1987 he moved into a UK based sales role with ECRM from Tewksbury, MA and was their worldwide top salesman the following year. During that time he studied for a Post Graduate degree in Business Marketing achieving a distinction. Phil continued in sales and marketing roles for ECRM and subsequently Optronics from MA as European Marketing Director. In a vain attempt to reduce his travelling commitments he returned to the UK to sell the packaging software, ArtPro for Artios Limited.

In 1996 Phil started Troika Systems Limited in the UK, the objective being to design and manufacture innovative products for the print industry, and was fortunate to have Bruce Naylor as the software design partner. Troika has enjoyed success in the large format duplexing market, selling over 1850 copied of its software world wide, and migrating the business into Litho dotmeters and analytical tools early in 2000. Their latest developments have been the FlexoCAM, and AniCAM.

In his spare time Phil is an inspector for home built aircraft, and is in the process of building a fast two seat aircraft which he intends to fly to Australia from the UK – if his long suffering wife will let him.

Wim van der Meer, Director, Product Market Development and Strategy, Corus Packaging Plus, the Netherlands
"Recent progress in application of polymer coated steels for decorated 2-piece aerosols and beverage cans"

The development of polymer coated packaging steels at Corus Packaging Plus has now moved to the stage of market introduction and (semi) industrial scale can making. Over the past year a dedicated Corus polymer coatings team managed, together with canmakers, to launch a variety of pilot projects in the market. Some specific projects will be highlighted during the presentation.

The partnership with DS-containers has progressed to full scale production of 2 piece aerosols on the DSC dedicated aerosol production line. It was demonstrated for a variety of applications that the entire canmaking process is viable. An important aspect has been the decorative aspects of the can. It will be shown that with a PC base can, excellent performance can be achieved.

A semi industrial scale trial was carried out to procude beer and beverage cans utilizing a very much simplified canmaking process based on polymer coated steel. Some results will be shown to demonstrate the state of the art.

In the area of promotional packaging significant progress has been made for decorative applications. Some typical examples will be discussed.

Wim van der Meer graduated in theoretical and physical chemistry from the Free University in Amsterdam and subsequently obtained a PhD in chemical physics from the University of Amsterdam. After a brief period as postdoctoral research fellow in one of the National Labs in the USA he started his career with Hoogovens in 1987 as surface scientist in R&D.
Within RD&T he has since occupied various positions as line manager (materials characterization, surface technology, aluminium technology and the product application centre). A substantial proportion of his career in R&D was spent in the role of R&D programme manager, being the linking pin between the BU and R&D. This job was fulfilled for the aluminum businesses and later, during the early stages of the merger of British Steel and Koninklijke Hoogovens, for automotive steel (light strip business unit).
Early in 2001 he moved to Corus Packaging Plus (CPP) works IJmuiden to lead a works wide continuous improvement programme (IMPULSE) based on lean thinking principles. Having completed this programme he joined the CPP leadership team early 2004 to take responsibility for the Business Development function. In April 2005 he was appointed Director Product Market Development and Strategy. Wim is married and has five children.

Ally Liu, Agent for Canmaking News, China
“Metal Packaging in China: Today and Tomorrow”

The current market and development trends in China’s metal packaging industry, metal packaging products, and regional distribution.

Ally Liu, born in China, holds a master’s degree in international business from the USA. She has worked at Carlsberg Brewery China, Shanghai Baosteel, and Roeslein & Associates in the United States. Currently she is the General Manager at Global Resources Shanghai Ltd.
Ally has worked in the metal packaging industry for 15 years. Her responsibilities are to initiate and develop business opportunities for metal packaging products in the food and beverage industry, such as food cans and ends, beverage cans and ends and the metal printing projects in China.
She is the Agent for Canmaking News China and is responsible for the marketing and sales of this online magazine for the metal-packaging industry.

John Herbst, President, Beckon Inc., USA
Doug Meyer, Operations Manager, Beckon Inc., USA
"Increasing Productivity, Performance and Profts from Your Cupping Press"

A brief step by step presentation on how Beckon’s new Portable Mill performs and in the process saves critical downtime during maintenance. By having your cupper press bed reconditioned correctly, will help protect your valuable tooling / die investments. Keeping the die and the press bed flat and parallel will protect your dies from chipping, plus reduce material waste and increase productivity and profits.

John Herbst has been involved in repairing and building a diverse array of machines and presses for the past 28 years. During the last 15 years John has focused his attention solely on repairing and rebuilding machines for the can making industry. The development of Beckon’s Portable Mill for cupper presses, scraping and aligning for decorator inker saddles and rebuilding multi-die presses are just a few of Beckon’s specialties.

Doug Meyer has been involved in marketing and sales for the past 23 years, spending the majority of his professional career within the creative ranks for a variety of large agencies. He also spent 10 years as Operations Manager for North America’s largest film and production facilities for offset and flexo printing processes. Doug has worked closely with some of the can industry’s major players: Coke, Pepsi, Anheuser-Busch and Miller. Currently as Operations Manager of Beckon, Inc. Doug’s responsibilities are sales and marketing for Beckon plus Production Coordination for all machine rebuilds and repairs.

Don Siciliano, Specialcolor
"Color Without Compromise or Limits"

Don Siciliano of Specialcolor is presenting on ICISS color separation software, a comprehensive set of tools that enable 'any-color' separations and special (spot) color process sets. The tools and color disciplines that Don presents on are a perfect fit in the Metal Decorating Industry and have benefited graphic production operations around the world. Siciliano promises a session that will get us all 'thinking outside of the container'!

Twenty seven years in print/packaging have brought Don through all phases of graphic production, including currently, two and a half years in his own consulting business. Don first got interested in special color set printing in 1997 when he purchased a copy of ICISS for the packaging company he worked for. And, then came full circle, selling and implementing ICISS in the Americas.

Day 2: May 19th

Friday Morning Session
moderated by Allan Sayers
The Canmaker magazine, UK

Alexander Hinterkopf, Hinterkopf
"Rotary Screen Printing on Metal Containers"

Arnaldo Costa, General Manager, Stolle Machinery, Brazil
“Stretch Machine: the Real-World Solution for High-Speed Necking and Shaping”


Stretch Machine is a patented technology that performs shaping and necking from “inside out” in a very gentle and consistent way, opposed to the conventional “outside in” process. It was brought to the market 4 years ago as a solution for the “deep necking” on three-piece cans, and now with over 1.5 billion cans sold it has proven itself as a real world solution.

Arnaldo Costa holds a BS in Business Administration and an MS in Production Engineering. He worked for Latasa ten years as Quality Assurance Director – Latasa had 8 plants in South America producing 7 billion cans and ends annually before its sale to Rexam in 2004. Mr. Costa has been with Stolle since 1998 and is responsible for the marketing and sales of Stretch Machine.

Ben Day, President, Total Process Control, USA
“Temperature Control of Ink Rollers – Six Sigma Capability”

“TPC’s new generation of inker roller temperature control system –the TS-500 – is capable of controlling temperature at +- 2 degrees F. This is possible at speeds of 3000 feet per minute with guaranteed Six Sigma capability.”

Ben Day has been designing temperature control equipment for the printing industry since 1991. He has been involved with all types of printing, including cold set, heat set, UV, E-Beam, Flexo, offset and gravure presses as well as metal decorating with flat sheet.

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